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Certified Life Coaches specializing in relationships, career, and business goals

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Certified Inner Child Recovery Process Specialist

Bob Herndon is a Certified Inner Child Recovery Process Specialist, trained by Dr. Eddie Capparucci LPC to coach clients using his book, "Going Deeper" - How the Inner Child Impacts Your Sexual Addition, as the primary method of the Inner Child Recovery Process (ICRP) delivery.

Bob has been trained as a professional life coach by Creative Results Management, which is an International Coach Federation (ICF) approved course.

Bob also holds both Juris Doctor (JD) and Bachelor of Science (BS) degrees and has over 40 years experience working for both public and private sector companies.  Within those companies, Bob has over 25 years experience as a supervisor/manager reporting to C-level executives.

Other life coaching areas available with Bob:  Spiritual Journey, Relationships, Goal Setting, Developing Positive Habits, and Career Goals.

Contact Bob Herndon - (email) or (678) 632-4498 (phone). To schedule a session, go to the following calendar link:

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Experienced. Certified. Supportive.

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Dan Risinger

  • 40 years of experience in coaching, leadership development, and motivational speaking

  • Bachelor of Arts from Oakland City University

  • Master of Arts from Newburgh Theological Seminary

  • PhD candidate in Counseling and Life Coaching at Newburgh Theological Seminary

  • Member of the John Maxwell Team specializing in Life and Business Coaching, Leadership Training and Development, Motivational Speaking, and certified trainer in the DISC Personality Profile program

Purpose Statement: My priority is to help individuals and business find added value in their lives and business enterprises by assisting them to discover their potential and value in life and the market place through the coaching/client relationship, by providing relevant tools and information in the areas of personal growth, effective communication skills, and leadership development and training. My over-riding desire is to assist others in realizing their potential and achieving their personal goals of finding balance and success in their personal and business relationships.

Contact Dan Risinger - (email) or (812) 618-2177 (phone).

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Happy Clients


I found the experience extremely positive and helpful. He was sensitive and attentive to my comments and responded appropriately in helping me develop my action plan without telling me or implying what he thought I should do. He allowed me to lead the direction of the coaching, yet he was excellent in keeping our conversation on task.

Jim D.

Bob met me where I am and listens with intention and care for what I'm after.

Greg T.

Bob Herndon has helped me take responsibility and awareness to a new level. I've been under his supervision for 3 weeks and I'm already seeing improvements on my own growth. Bob Herndon is also very transparent with actual growth for porn addicts and sex addicted individuals. His style of transparency and self reliance has helped wonders for me. Bob has given me observations on my current emotional condition any time he sees I'm moving too fast. I work with Bob weekly and my anticipation to stop acting out is growing stronger every day with Bob.

Tod F.


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